Tuesday, September 11, 2012


   I never really thought I would live enough to see my city Araguari at Google' Street View! It is there and it is beautiful. From where I am here in Brasilia I was able to drive through those streets, stopped in front of my parents' house and I could walk across Manoel Bonito Square and have a sit to watch people passing like it was 40 years ago.

   The photography is so clear and intense, so many megapixels resolution. Seventy Other cities like Macaé and Campos dos Goitacazes were also chosen to be shown in Google's fantastic tool.
   When Google Earth first presented that zone, Araguari was one of the first places to be shown in high resolution and I was living at that time in Macaé RJ and I was proud to show my father's farm to my mates of Banco do Brasil.
    Congratulations Araguari for your 124th anniversary and thank you Google for the present you gave to my city.